Relax and focus on breathing. It will think to air quality.

Breathe consciously with a Do It Yourself zen Indoor Air Quality monitor.

  • accurate CO2 & VOC meter
  • for education
  • on the desk
  • increase calm
  • healthier environment
  • prevent aerosol transmission


Only the best components, updatable and replaceable, joined by an open source ecosystem.

  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+
  • Pimoroni tech treasure
  • Totem cuttable parts
  • Linux & Python
  • open source software
  • code on GitHub


In a healthy environment, the pulsing green light will help to relax and focus on breathing.

  • follow the light
  • inhale deeply
  • exhale slowly
  • a garden
  • 3 breakouts
  • plug and play


Double precision for efficient controlled ventilation and a lower risk of airborne diseases.

  • Bosch BME68x
  • VOCs
  • Index for Air Quality
  • Sensirion SGP30
  • TVOC
  • CO2eq